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Sep 26, 2013

Linda’s Writing Career

My first official blog post! Big-time important musings which will represent me until the sun burns out! So many subjects. Help me decide which to post first . . . Possible Blog Post Subject #1 Linda’s Writing Career, or The Night the Turkey Burned; Achieving the –You Can’t Seriously Mean Me–Impossible Dream. The Death of […]

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Oct 04, 2013

The Heroine’s Journey

Now that I’ve considered Possible Blog Post Subject #1, who needs to spend the next 500+ words of their life listening to some historical romance author dither on about her career? A better subject might be: why did I choose the romance genre? Possible Blog Post Subject #2 The Heroine’s Journey, or The Scandalous Truth […]

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Oct 10, 2013

Write What You

Dismissing Possible Blog Post Subjects #1 & #2, we come to #3 which I would title simply: Write What You. . . . Possible Blog Post Subject #3 One of the first rules we are taught when we who have been writing since we first realized that words could be strung together to produce beauty […]

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