Castles and Romance and Sex, oh, my!


B/W photo of little girl standing on the bridge in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Linda on her first visit to Disneyland, in 1955

Mine was a storybook childhood, spent just a few leagues from an Enchanted Castle, set in a Magical Kingdom that was ruled by a benevolent wizard whose powerful spells captured my imagination every time my parents took me for a visit.

The moment I walked through the gates of this magical land, I would be greeted by beautiful princesses and their handsome princes, despicable villains and terrifying dragons, fairies and pirates and a talking mouse named Mickey.  Yes, I grew up 10 miles from Disneyland, the original Magic Kingdom.

The photo is my almost 5-year old self on the draw-bridge of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in January,1956. 

Cover of Her Secret Guardian, by Linda Needham


The seeds of my passion for writing stories of powerful lords contending with their fierce-hearted ladies were planted in that enchanted soil long before I even knew how to read, let alone, write.  The magic is plain: that little girl on the castle drawbridge grew up believing in Happily Ever After, because Romance is Timeless, Storytelling has No Age and True Love is Forever.



Escalating Emotion Workshop Handout

Escalating Emotion in Commercial Fiction Writing One of the first rules we learn as romance writers is that the Emotional Conflict between the hero and the heroine must not only be compelling enough to carry the relationship to its inevitable story conclusion, but that the Emotional Conflict must also escalate exponentially. This is actually true […]

Home Library Bookshelves — Ideas and Tips

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Bookshelves for Your Print Library Collection Too-tall tomes!  The most clever thing we did when we had bookcases built into our 20-bay home library was to have the cabinet designer make eight adjustable bookshelves for each bay instead of the usual six. As you see in the photo, the two extra shelves allow room for those […]

Extreme close up of two small toy rubber bulls, one pink, one green, placed nose to nose--by Linda Needham, example of working romance writer needing to take compelling images.

Surprising New Tools for the Working Romance Writer

I never would have guessed, back in the dark ages of the mid-1990s when my first romance was published, that the list of tools for the 21st Century working romance writer would include a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera with all the bells and whistles. But, here’s the new truth: working writers are no longer […]

Winchester Cathedral interior, looking up into the north side Romanesque Transept, heavy stone blocks and two stories of thick arches, with tiled and coffered ceiling

The Romance of Editorial Time Travel

Late last year, I had great fun editing the OCR copies of two of my old print romances —Ever His Bride and Her Secret Guardian — and shepherding them onto the Amazon KDP, iTunes, Nook, etc. eTailer sites. Confession: though I created my own e-book covers (for better or worse) I merely edited my old books then […]

WWII advert; write what amazes you!

Write What You

One of the first rules we are taught when we who have been writing since we first realized that words could be strung together to produce beauty and despair, is that we should “write what we know.” Even non-writers doubtless heard the old saw in school. I’ve come to believe that “write what you know” […]

Edmund Blair Leighton; the Accolade

Romancing the Beast-the Heroine’s Journey

The following is from the speech by Linda Needham for Rose City Romance Writers Literacy Luncheon in Portland, Oregon, called “The Heroine’s Journey, or The Scandalous Truth about Dangerous Men and Their Feisty, Persistent Women.” Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Flame and the Flower was not a fluke. Romance is all about romancing the beast. Romance is […]

Linda’s Writing Career

Linda’s Writing Career, or The Night the Turkey Burned; Achieving the –You Can’t Seriously Mean Me–Impossible Dream. The Death of Mr. Decay was my 1st stage play. I wrote, produced, costumed, propped, directed and starred in this classic for my 6th-grade class. That same year a 1-page writing assignment went screaming out of control; Alvin […]

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