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Until science figures out how H.G.Wells built his time machine, the closest I’m ever going to get to King Edward I and his Welsh Wars or to Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition of 1851 is to write myself into a story in the guise of one of my heroines!

A printing press, the Irish Potato Famine, a treasure map, and plenty of sizzling hot sex – you’ll find all that and more between the pages of my historical romance novels.

Best yet, you’ll meet dazzling, defiant heroines and their darkly handsome heroes who will send your heart racing! Now, go put the kettle on, tuck yourself into a cozy armchair and join me on a romantic trip back in time…

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Both 1940-JOSIE and JOSIE & GIDEON’S CHRISTMAS WEDDING are part of a multi-author, multi-era collection of stories linked to each other by the enchanted Nimway Hall, set in Somerset, England, a magical orb, a mystical woods, Nimue, Merlin, and the many generations of the female guardians of Nimway Hall. Stories set in the Georgian era, during the Regency, the reign of Queen Victoria and on the Home Front during World War II.


I had been intrigued by the English Home Front during World War II since my first research trip to the south coast of England when I spoke with a man who’d been a boy when his Plymouth home was bombed during the Blitz. But I was writing for a traditional publisher at the time, so the 1940s were out-of-bounds for an historical romance writers.

Nearly 20 years later, publishing times have changed and JOSIE gave me the chance to set her Nimway story during the war. I set JOSIE in September and October of 1940 because it was the early days of the war, the Blitz was raining terror on the British people, food rationing was increasing, the men were in uniform and the women were waging their own war in the kitchens, the fields and the factories.

JOSIE & GIDEON’S CHRISTMAS WEDDING picks up immediately following JOSIE. Engaged to be married in the final, steamy love scene of JOSIE, wartime intelligence agents, Josie and Gideon, are in for a wild adventure as they negotiate the hidden dangers of planning a wedding in the midst of a war.

I hope you enjoy Josie and Gideon’s thrilling, romantic adventures.

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