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Castles and Romance and Sex, oh, my!


B/W photo of author Linda Needham as a 5 year old girl in the foreground, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, in the background.

Linda at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, January 1956

Mine was a storybook childhood, spent just a few leagues from an Enchanted Castle set in a Magical Kingdom that was ruled by a benevolent wizard whose powerful spells captured my imagination every time my parents took me for a visit.

The moment I walked through the gates of this magical land, I would be greeted by beautiful princesses and their handsome princes, despicable villains and terrifying dragons, fairies and pirates and a talking mouse named Mickey.  Yes, I grew up 10 miles from Disneyland, the original Magic Kingdom.

The photo above is my almost 5-year old self on the draw-bridge of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in January,1956. 

Cover of Her Secret Guardian, by Linda NeedhamThe seeds of my passion for writing stories of powerful lords contending with their fierce-hearted ladies were planted in that enchanted soil long before I even knew how to read, let alone, write.  The magic is plain: that little girl on the castle drawbridge grew up believing in Happily Ever After, because Romance is Timeless, Storytelling has No Age and True Love is Forever.


So, I was delighted when StoryFinds invited me to feature Her Secret Guardian, one of my steamy medieval romances, in their Medieval Romance Theme Week!

If that’s not fabulous enough, StoryFinds is running a Medieval Romance SUPER Contest where you have a chance to capture 14 Medieval Romance Novels & a $20 Amazon gift card!

So, hie your Good Self over to StoryFinds sometime this week and enter to win a wild ride back to the Middle Ages, that magical place and time where chivalry, love and honor ruled the day! 


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