Book cover The Maiden Bride by Linda Needham

Social Distancing, the Writer and a Special Announcement


Turns outs that because I’m a full-time writer, these past 17 months of lockdown and social-distancing has hardly altered my days–except that I still worry about how the people I love are faring, my neighbors, friends, our local community theatre, the shops and restaurants…. 

But as a writer during the “Before Times” I would sit at my desk most of the day, writing, reading, catching up on email, wrangling meals, pruning and weeding the garden.

Besides writing, I’ve been keeping busy, rebuilding my website, creating new covers for my backlist, Zooming with friends and fellow writers, logging our 5 acres of Douglas Fir ahead of the wildfire season in the Pacific Northwest. Three months ago we lost our beloved Pippa-dog, my long-time Nose Work teammate. But we have been comforted by the enthusiastic cuddles and amazing nose of our now 17 month old puppy, Winnie, who came to us when the lockdown was new. My new team mate has passed her Odor Recognition tests and we’re ready to start trialing — so watch this space, or signup for my newsletter!

Meanwhile, I’m vaxxed, still masked and doing my part to keep myself and everyone around me safe

And speaking of the Plague . . .

I’m super excited to announce that I’m re-issuing an updated, refreshed, re-covered–and very timely edition of THE MAIDEN BRIDE which will be on-sale November 2, 2021!

Originally published in 2000, TMB was my first USA Today Bestseller, continues to be my top seller, was my shortest book, most tardy to my publisher, and was written while I was deep in the throes of peri-menopause — so no concentration. Plus, the story was set during the aftermath of the Black Death–which may sound eerily familiar.

     A Global Pestilence
     Rampant Inflation…
     Labor Shortages…
     Families in Crisis…
               ~the year is 1351!

THE MAIDEN BRIDE is a journey of renewal and recovery in the midst of enormous loss. Eleanor is hope and Nicholas is despair. Their journey toward healing proves that love is the greatest miracle of all. And isn’t that the reason we read romance!

Until next time, my best to you and yours!