Social Distancing, the Writer and a Special Announcement (below)


Turns outs that as a full-time writer, I find that the Covid-19 shutdown has hardly altered my days–except that I worry about how the people I love are faring, my neighbors, friends, our local community theatre, the shops and restaurants…. 

But as a writer during the “Before Times” I would sit at my desk most of the day, writing, reading, catching up on email, wrangling meals, taking an occasional walk with the dog, pruning and weeding the garden.

“After Times” looks much the same, though I have never breathed such a loud sigh of relief than when my retired husband returned from the store last week with a Costco-sized package of toilet paper. Relief is the perfect word!

I hope you’re finding your own path in the shutdown, and that you’re holding fast to your families, reaching out where you’re needed and taking comfort that we’ll all come through these hard times together.

Special Announcement!

I’m super excited to announce that MY LADY’S TOUCH, Book One in my new medieval trilogy, FOR MY LADY’S KISS, will be released in mid-January 2021.

By the time FMLK was first published in 1997 as a Single-Title historical, Mackenna and Thomas’ sprawling, brawling romance had been hacked and slashed by more than 1/3 in order to fit the publisher’s editorial requirements. Characters were eliminated, two subplots axed, the story whittled down, a villain diminished, along with those delicious elements that help plunge us into the sights and smells of the medieval world.

Now, as an Independent Publisher, I have restored and greatly expanded the orginal story from the digest version to a series of three full-length medieval romances. From the war between Mackenna and Thomas in Book One; through their dangerous adventures at the royal court of Edward I in Book Two; to the perilous conclusion which threatens Mackenna and Thomas’ marriage as well as their lives.

More romance, more danger, so much more to enjoy!

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