This is “Bess”, Josie Stirling’s 1938 Bedford Van that she uses on the estate.

I chose the name Bess in tribute to the then 14 year-old (in 1940) future Queen Elizabeth II, who, in May 1942, insisted on joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service where she learned how to maintain and rebuild engines and drive ambulances like the Austin K2 in the photo below.

Don’t you love a woman who can change the oil in her own car! Queen Bess is just another of the many millions of heroes of World War II.


Welcome Readers!

As you can probably tell by the sawdust, paint chips and metal shavings scattered about, my website is under construction–by me!  I’m currently learning he Divi Theme Builder, so I suspect it’ll be slow going as I drill and hammer and pound my thumb–at least at first.

What better time to divert my time and attention than when I’m on a book deadline? It’s a good thing that I work best under pressure.

To keep my head in both worlds, over the next few months, I’ll be posting about my Romance In Progress — set on the British Home Front in the early years of  World War II and to be released the second week of April 2018.

World War II is a new era for me as an historical author, since my ten previous romances have been populated by Medieval knights, Victorian railway barons and Regency rabble-rousers.

Josie Stirling, the heroine, is just managing to keep up with her family’s  vast, wartime farm in Somerset when Lt. Colonel Gideon Fletchard, the hero, and his staff of officers take over the west wing of the Hall.  A private war ensues between them, and the couple soon learns that resistance is futile when it comes to love in the heat of battle.

Please return every once in a while and see what’s new around the place.



PS — while you’re here, take a look at the amazing photo below.  Taken from the porch of our farmhouse lodgings on our 2007 research trip to Derbyshire, England.  I love my job!