To the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns

The Immortal Memory

50 Shades of Robert Burns!

Painted portrait of Scottish Poet Robert Burns
Robert Burns, Scotland’s Immortal Bard

Turns out that Scotland’s hot, sexy 18th Century Rock Star poet penned sheaves of bawdy poetry. Apparently, some of his poems were soooo ribald that, following his death at the age of 37, his most explicit pieces were “tucked away” by the censors for over a century. Even after these were later discovered, they were banned in the UK until 1965!

If you enjoy Scotch and haggis, poetry, song and bagpipes as much as my husband and I do, find yourself one of the thousands of traditional Burns Night Suppers held across the globe where you can celebrate Robbie’s birthday on January 25th, or thereabouts.

Green Sleeves is quite mild compared to some of the other poetry in the “Merry Muses of Caledonia”, a book that was quietly yanked out of print the moment it was published around 1800.


Green sleeves an tartan ties
Mark my true love whare she lies:
I’ll be at her or she rise,
My fiddle an I thegither. (together)

Be it by the chrystal burn,
Be it by the milkwhite thorn;
I shall rouse her in the morn,
My fiddle an I thegither.

My kind of poetry! Quite lovely and romantic!

Do you have a favorite poet? Or a poem you’ve memorized? Maybe a couplet or verse that inspires you?

Cartoon of Walt Disney's Goofy character illustrating the poem, Casey at the Bat
Walt Disney’s Goofy, in Casey at the Bat

Confession — the first poem I memorized was “Casey at the Bat” — I still remember (most of) it!

Slangevar! (Health!)

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