Linda’s Road to Romance

I began my jour­ney on the road to romance writ­ing in 1972 with an over­cooked Thanksgiving turkey and my nose buried in a deli­cious copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss’s first nov­el, THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER. Reading has always been one of my favorite obses­sions, but Woodiwiss had for the first time fused the sweep­ing majesty of his­to­ry with the sen­su­al pow­er of romance, and from that moment the romance nov­el indus­try went into high gear and was changed for­ev­er. I was des­per­ate­ly hooked on his­tor­i­cal romance and soon after began secret­ly writ­ing my own romance nov­el. I had a lot to learn!

Linda in Research ModeNearly 25 years after that fate­ful Thanksgiving week­end of 1972, my bad­ly titled, unpub­lished man­u­script BRADENHOLME’S BRIDE (pub­lished as FOR MY LADY’S KISS) had won 1st place in six romance writ­ing com­pe­ti­tions, 2nd and 3rd place in six oth­er com­pe­ti­tions, and the 1995 Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart for Long Historical. Two months lat­er the book sold, along with a one-line pro­pos­al for a sec­ond book, EVER HIS BRIDE, to Avon Books, and, in February 1997, my own first novel–FOR MY LADY’S KISS was released to my great delight! Nine more books have fol­lowed, with five hit­ting the USA Today Bestseller list.

Of course, like every author, I start­ed writ­ing in ear­ly grade school, as soon as I real­ized that I could put my own words togeth­er to make my own sto­ries, just like the authors of my favorite child­hood books–BEAUTIFUL JOE and HEIDI and the Nancy Drew mys­ter­ies.

Henry & Alais

My love for sto­ry­telling even­tu­al­ly led me to a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts at California State University, Dominguez Hills where I gained a deep under­stand­ing of char­ac­ter devel­op­ment, dia­logue, scene-shap­ing and plot­ting tech­niques. I’m also a play­wright, one of the lucky ones who have had full pro­duc­tions of their works– sev­en full length musi­cals, four revues and two full-length plays.

I write full time from my home office near Portland, Oregon. And when I’m not writ­ing, I’ve been known to direct plays and musi­cals, gar­den ‘til I drop, hunt mush­rooms, spoil my two grand­kids, take extend­ed research treks with my hero hus­band and blaze trails through our 5-acre wood­land with Pippa, our Portuguese Water Dog who holds numer­ous titles in the new canine sport of Nose Work.

Because writ­ing tends to be a soli­tary endeav­or, one of my favorite pro­fes­sion­al perks (besides work­ing in my sweats) is hang­ing out with oth­er writ­ers, attend­ing con­fer­ences, meet­ing read­ers, and teach­ing writ­ing work­shops.

If you want to keep up with my new book releas­es as well as my many escapades, come join me on where the con­ver­sa­tion is intense, the com­pa­ny is bril­liant and the adven­tures nev­er end!