Ever His Bride


His loom­ing form blocks the fire­light. His voice is like mid­night fog, shiv­er­ing along her skin. Yet Felicity Mayfield must mar­ry hard, cold Hunter Claybourne, or go to debtor’s prison. Boldly, she pro­pos­es a bar­gain to the wealthy financier: she’ll become his wife in name only for one brief year — if he allows her the free­dom to con­tin­ue liv­ing an inde­pen­dent life as a rov­ing trav­el writer.



Hunter nev­er sus­pect­ed a wife would be such a nui­sance. It was sup­posed to be a sim­ple busi­ness arrange­ment. Instead, she has invad­ed his cav­ernous home — rear­rang­ing the fur­ni­ture, win­ning over his ser­vants, blind­ing him with sun­light. Her con­stant pres­ence is unset­tling, her laven­der scent every­where, her skin a soft temp­ta­tion. Suddenly it seems only right that she should wear his ring … and share his bed. After all, she is his wife. Yet even as Felicity opens a chink in Hunter’s heart, her exposé of the scan­dalous work­hous­es threat­ens to uncov­er his dark­est secret, forc­ing him to choose between his hard-won empire and the mir­a­cle of love. 


The plot twists… are refresh­ing­ly dif­fer­ent from oth­er his­tor­i­cal romances, and Claybourne is a fas­ci­nat­ing hero.” Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY

AMAZON — My Favorite Book of All Time
I bought this book when it was a new release and I read it until the pages fell out, this is my fifth copy of this book. Strong hero’s with a chink in the armor has always been my weak­ness, only next to cute, spicy, quirky hero­ines. This book is every­thing, well writ­ten, engag­ing, sweet, sexy and pas­sion­ate. I high­ly rec­om­mend this book, it will always be my very favorite. By Sherry, Amazon Reader — May 2, 2012

AMAZON — I Needed this “change”, a dif­fer­ent romance!!!!
I only ordered this book on Amazon because, as I said in my title, “I need­ed a change”. Have you ever felt that way? Well, I know the answer……we all who read on a reg­u­lar basis need to switch our read­ing around a bit or we will get to the wall­banger stage and noth­ing will appeal to us.
.…The hero­ine is quite dif­fer­ent than the usu­al, but in a won­der­ful way. Yes, she is beau­ti­ful, kind, even sweet (this is a must for me on his­tor­i­cal books), but she is so intel­li­gent, sharp wit­ted and very, very inde­pen­dent. Nothing gets her down. The hero is tall, dark and hand­some (also a must need­ed ingre­di­ent for me to even read a his­tor­i­cal romance, or any romance for that mat­ter), but he is dif­fer­ent from then on. He is a com­plex char­ac­ter, to say the least. This has a good amount of very inter­est­ing his­tor­i­cal detail, things that I have not read before, and very inter­est­ing.

If you want hot sex from the first page and on, then skip this one. There is hot sex, but it hap­pens in the appro­pri­ate place in the sto­ry. I was so, so sur­prised that I liked this book. Take my advice and give it a try. You will prob­a­bly be as sur­prised as I have been. By Romantic@Heart – — April 7, 2013