World War II has come to Nimway Hall, and with it an end­less series of wartime chal­lenges that its lady and guardian, Josie Stirling, must over­come. As pas­sion­ate and coura­geous as each of the guardians who have come before her, Josie is fierce­ly deter­mined to defend her family’s ancient and beloved estate from all pos­si­ble threats. But with the recent evac­u­a­tion of Dunkirk and the bombs of the Blitz rain­ing ran­dom ter­ror all across Britain, even the once-pas­toral manor farm of Nimway have become as dan­ger­ous as any bat­tle­field.  Link Button to Legend page

Loved and respect­ed by every­one in her cir­cle of care, Josie is knee-deep in evac­uee chil­dren, Land Girls, the local Home Guard, a much-reduced estate staff, two cranky trac­tors and her wid­owed father she has just res­cued from the London Blitz. Her days and nights, and even her dreams are chock-full of wartime char­i­ty fund rais­ers, meet­ing the strict require­ments of the Ministries of Agriculture and Food, orga­niz­ing knit­ting cir­cles, lead­ing her local WVS, tend­ing the acres of orchards, the mill, and fields of grain. And even with every till­able square inch of Nimway plant­ed in crops for the war effort, her beloved Baleswood is being threat­ened with destruc­tion by the Timber Commission.

And to add to her prob­lems, not only has the mil­i­tary req­ui­si­tioned an entire wing of Nimway Hall, they’ve sent the most arro­gant offi­cer in the entire army to com­mand the unit and impose his orders on the fine­ly-tuned work­ings of the estate. A man as arro­gant as he is hand­some. Not that Josie has time in her life to notice!

The very last post Lt. Colonel Gideon Fletchard ever want­ed was to be holed up in the wilds of Somerset, in an old manor house, far from the front line. But he was seri­ous­ly injured on a secret mis­sion ear­ly in the war and has recov­ered just enough to com­mand of a team of Royal Engineers, com­mis­sioned to build oper­a­tional bases for Churchill’s new Secret Army. Once a high­ly respect­ed intel­li­gence offi­cer, Gideon resents his demo­tion to the “Home Front” and has lit­tle respect for the so-called civil­ian army he’s been assigned to recruit and train. War is waged by sol­diers in the field, not by farm­ers and fac­to­ry work­ers.

A sen­ti­ment the con­tentious lady of Nimway Hall dis­putes at every turn. She seems to believe that her work for the war effort is as crit­i­cal as his. Though the woman’s opin­ions are seri­ous­ly wrong-head­ed, she is as beau­ti­ful as she is devot­ed to her peo­ple and he can’t help admir­ing the firm and resource­ful way she man­ages the estate. Can’t help notic­ing her fierce­ly green eyes and the sun-blush of her cheek. Not that he should be notic­ing such dis­trac­tions. Not now. Not with a war to win and con­tact to make with a secret agent named Arcturus.

As the war between the sex­es heats up, so does the ancient mag­ic of romance. Josie and Gideon may not be look­ing for love, but at Nimway Hall they’ll soon dis­cov­er that love has come look­ing for them.