The king has decreed that his loy­al ser­vant, Lord Alex De Monteneau, will rule the Lady Talia’s lands and deter­mine whom the fiery maid­en will wed. The groom he choos­es, how­ev­er, will cer­tain­ly not be him­self, for the noble knight desires a far rich­er cas­tle and a docile wife — not this infu­ri­at­ing, iron-willed beau­ty who resists his author­i­ty at every turn. Yet the woman’s charm, strength and smol­der­ing sen­su­al­i­ty are rapid­ly becom­ing a seri­ous dis­trac­tion.…



In the past, Lady Talia has man­aged to save her hum­ble ances­tral cas­tle from the rav­ages of war, and her virtue from the numer­ous self-pro­claimed “hus­bands.” But the unnerv­ing­ly attrac­tive war­rior who has “res­cued” her from yet anoth­er unwant­ed wed­ding seems the most dan­ger­ous of the lot. No man will ever decide her future! But how can Talia hope to safe­guard the peo­ple in her care and retain her cher­ished inde­pen­dence when she secret­ly, pas­sion­ate­ly longs for Alex to share her bed?


There’s no deny­ing that this breezy romance is full of charm, verve and lov­able char­ac­ters.” Publisher’s Weekly

Ms. Needham’s char­ac­ters are gusty and like­able — and the roman­tic ele­ments of said plot are so stir­ring, they’re sheer won­der­ment and witch­ery to read!” Heartstrings

THE BRIDE BED is a very good read with a won­der­ful hero and hero­ine. This book gave me a hap­py feel­ing of sat­is­fac­tion, and I’m look­ing for­ward to Ms. Needham’s next release.” The Best Reviews-

Ms. Needham has a knack for draw­ing her read­ers from page 1, and not let­ting go even when the sto­ry ends — the read­ers are so cap­ti­vat­ed by the char­ac­ters that they are not ready to leave them. Quick paced, and an easy read, this is the per­fect book you want to just sit back and let the pages fly!” Reader To Reader/New and Used Books

AMAZON — Fast-paced medieval nov­el
The Bride Bed is anoth­er page-turn­er from Linda Needham with sim­ple plot­ting and love­ly char­ac­ters. With a clever hero­ine and a dark hand­some war­rior, this book pro­vides much fun and excite­ment for read­ers who love medieval romance. Absolutely a good read! — Rose Chastain, A Romance Review, December 8, 2002