Book 1 — of the GENTLEMEN ROGUES



Jared Westbrooke, the dash­ing and rogu­ish earl of Hawkesly, is final­ly com­ing home to claim the exquis­ite stranger he mar­ried and then aban­doned to her own devices two years before. He soon learns that the beau­ti­ful and will­ful Lady Kathryn not only doesn’t rec­og­nize him, but isn’t the kind of bride to sit and qui­et­ly knit while her care­less groom was sail­ing the Seven Seas in the secret ser­vice of Her Majesty. 



Kate is out­raged at her husband’s sud­den return from God knows where; she’s done very well with­out him, run­ning his rur­al estate and deal­ing with his busi­ness affairs. No mat­ter that the man is to-die-for hand­some, she stub­born­ly refus­es to allow him to just step back into her life as though he’d nev­er been gone, espe­cial­ly when it comes to their mar­i­tal bed; a bound­ary that starts to fade as she begins to fall mad­ly for the man and his charm­ing seduc­tion. Worst of all, her husband’s high­ly placed posi­tion with the gov­ern­ment will sure­ly prej­u­dice him against her char­i­ta­ble, but ille­gal activ­i­ties in the aid of vic­tims of the Irish pota­to famine. But Jared has fall­en hard for Kate, and when he final­ly learns her dan­ger­ous secrets, he must choose between his bewitch­ing wife’s wild and will­ful pol­i­tics and his own secret world of for­eign intrigue, risk­ing not only their hearts, but their very lives.


…delight­ful Victorian romance… a warm his­tor­i­cal nov­el…” Barnes &

Engaging and utter­ly roman­tic… a scrump­tious treat.” The Old Book Barn

Linda Needham’s Pleasure of Her Kiss is a plea­sure of a book.”