Her Secret Guardian



Cover of Her Secret Guardian, by Linda NeedhamTo honor a deathbed promise to her foster father, Kailey Hewett must marry Simon Rutledge, the king’s sheriff—a darkly forbidding, mystery of a man. As they ride away from her home and all she holds dear, Kailey wonders how she can keep her pledge to give this stern man his “heart’s peace”-but she vows to create a new family, no matter what it takes.


Simon had intended this marriage as private penance for his still-secret role in the long-ago conspiracy against her father. But her generous heart draws him as surely as it does a family of endearing misfits and soon he finds himself yearning for her forgiveness, yet barred by his own harsh code of justice from accepting the love she offers so freely. But the small, lion-hearted woman soon teaches the stunningly resistant man that mercy is as important as justice-and love and forgiveness can heal all.

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“A passionate, heart-wrenching tale of honor and justice, loyalty and betrayal, and love and forgiveness.” Romantic Times Magazine, April 1998


Oh man, what a heart-wrenching story. By halfway through it I was head-over-heels in love with Simon (truly a hero!) & totally dreading what was to come for him. — Jojo “jojookla”, Amazon Reviewer


Poignant and Emotional
The five stars are given on the strength of the last few chapters alone, which is a rollercoster ride of emotions. This is truly a touching book about a man who, to flee from a horrifying guilt in his past, bury himself in honour and justice, becoming one of the King’s most loyal and fair magistrate. It is also about a woman, whose past is intertwined with the man’s, a woman who flees the loneliness of her life by taking in strays and making them her family.
. . . After reading this I had to take a deep breath and readjust my equilibrium. This is how powerful the impact of this book has on me. It left me drained, yet a feeling of well-being that could only come from a very good book lingered. — Amazon Reviewer