Ask any of my childhood friends and they’ll confirm that I was a fidgety show-off who constantly roped them into acting out stories I’d seen on television or at the movies.  Color illustration of shoes in a stage spotlight surrounded by flowersMy parents are gone now, but they would have agreed that I was addicted to TV by 1956, when I was five years old and broadcast TV was as young as I.  Saturday mornings, you’d find me glued to the floor in front of our 12″ black & white Admiral TV watching Circus Boy, Queen of Sheba, Fury, My Friend Flicka, Sky King. . . .  Afternoons were for “SHOWTIME” and I don’t mean that cable network.  I would stage the stories I’d seen that morning, sometimes with a cast of indentured servants, more often I was probably alone in my costumed fantasies.  I clearly recall a panel of sheer drapes that I wore as long hair.

Color illustration of comedy and tragedy masks.Years later–okay, when I was eleven–I wrote, directed, produced, costumed, propped, and starred in my first play: The Death of Mr. Decay.  The moment I realized I had my grade-school audience in the palm of my hand I was hooked.  And I never looked back, pursing my passion through high school and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and on into my local performing arts community.

Although I am a USA Today bestselling author and have published ten historical romances, my greatest literary love and proudest accomplishments are my various dramatic works.  I have written and had produced 2 full-length stage plays and have written and directed/produced 12 musical revues among numerous other staged performances.

My favorite professional place to be, is standing at the back of a theatre, watching and listening to a delighted audience laugh at my humor and sigh over my characters.  Impossible to do when someone is reading one of my novels — makes everyone nervous.

The Works

Below is a link to the Rogues & Vagabonds stageplay information page.  As more of the scripts for my plays, revues and musical comedies become available, I’ll add a new information page for each.

 Rogues & Vagabonds

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