What a difference a wedding can make! Not long so very long ago Thomas Montclaire was Mackenna’s sworn enemy. Where she’d once vowed to protect her beloved village from his evil plundering, now she vowed to love him to the end of her days. The beastly monster had become her fiercest protector, a man of honor and courage, who loved her and the people of her village as much as she did and made her so blissfully happy she was almost afraid.

So when King Edward sends Thomas a “wedding gift” he can’t possibly accept, Mackenna is certain that her husband, Edward’s most-trusted adviser, to make things right with his liege lord, as he had always done.



But the king’s “gift” has an ominous meaning to Thomas, a “message” that sends a chill through him. To protect his beloved wife, he’s kept great secrets from Mackenna, unthinkable, unspoken truths that have the power not only to devastate Mackenna’s village, but to utterly destroy their marriage. He will make good his vow to her, and defend her with his life.

Yet, however much Mackenna loves and trusts Thomas, she, too, has been keeping secrets from him–a habit, a safeguard against an earlier overlord who had reigned with terror and left her village for dead. With their marriage at stake, the newlyweds must learn to trust each other unconditionally, that there is no truth too large or too dangerous that it can’t be faced together.

* MY LADY’S LOVE – BOOK THREE was originally the final third of Linda’s single-title romance, FOR MY LADY’S KISS, published in 1997, now greatly expanded to include characters, plots and elements deleted from the original manuscript by the publisher.

Now a trilogy, the series, MY LADY’S KISS consists of MY LADY’S TOUCH, MY LADY’S LOVE and MY LADY’S HEART.

More romance, more danger, so much more to enjoy!