With the fate of her beloved village at stake, Mackenna Hughes is forced into a devilish bargain with Thomas Montclaire, the overlord of Weatherick Castle: obey his orders while they are at King Edward’s court and he will protect her village from the king’s royal temper. Behaving herself is a tall order, given her early rebellion against him when he first laid claim to Tatherbridge.

Worst of all, she has fallen in love with the man she once thought a beast, distorting her judgement, dazzling her with his smile, and falling too often into his embrace. Not trusting him with her village, how can she possibly trust him with her heart.



 With the king’s promise that his posting to Weatherick Castle was temporary, Thomas Montclaire had agreed to restore the wreckage of its defenses, expecting to return to his uncomplicated life as commander of the king’s forces by the end of the year.

What he hadn’t expected was Mackenna Hughes, the provocative beauty who waged an insurgent war against him from the start, resisted his authority, demanded justice for the village. A woman whose fearless spirit challenges his days, bewitches his dreams and tempts him from his mission. As tempers cooled with time and proximity, and romance heating up between them, Thomas proposed and Mackenna agreed to, a truce.

Now, with the fate of the Scottish throne at stake and King Edward demanding his attendance at the negotiations, Thomas has two choices: leave Mackenna behind, free to work her considerable wiles upon castle and village, or demand she accompany him into the ruthless politics of the royal court.

Thomas’ choice is obvious. Trusting in his untested truce with Mackenna was an acceptable risk, trusting the love she stirred deep in his core would prove more dangerous than any battlefield opponent.

* MY LADY’S LOVE – BOOK TWO was originally the middle third of Linda’s single-title romance, FOR MY LADY’S KISS, published in 1997, now greatly expanded to include characters, plots and elements deleted from the original manuscript by the publisher. Now a trilogy, the series, MY LADY’S KISS consists of MY LADY’S TOUCH, MY LADY’S LOVE and MY LADY’S HEART. More romance, more danger, so much more to enjoy!