Frustrated by the outrageous demand from her brothers that she choose a husband or have one chosen for her, Mackenna Hughes blindfolds herself and vows to wed the first man she touches in the circle of eager suitors that surrounds her. But as she swirls among the village merrymakers, Mackenna suddenly crashes into a towering, rock-like body… and looks up into the dark penetrating eyes of a total stranger!


Lord Thomas Montclair has been send by King Edward to take over Mackenna’s village and a long abandoned castle. Now he lays claim to the reckless, scarlet-haired rebel who blindly made her choice, yet denies his right to her village or herself. Her brazen courage enchants him, her stubborn pride and fiery beauty stir a storm in his blood, and he vows to kiss her, wed her, tame her, and claim her wild, rebellious heart as she has claimed his.

* MY LADY’S TOUCH – BOOK ONE was originally the first third of Linda’s single-title romance, FOR MY LADY’S KISS, published in 1997, now greatly expanded to include characters, plots and elements deleted from the original manuscript by the publisher. Now a trilogy, the series, MY LADY’S KISS consists of MY LADY’S TOUCH, MY LADY’S LOVE and MY LADY’S HEART. More romance, more danger, so much more to enjoy!


“Linda Needham has written a wonderful love story made more special because it is a love based on evolving trust. Humor, sadness and laughter are intricately woven into the plot and the three-dimensional characters will steal your heart.” 4 (Excellent) –Romantic Times Magazine

“A courageous heroine and a strong, yet tender-hearted hero make this a memorable read.” Editors Recommended Book, Romance Expert, Amazon.com