A Dangerous Lord

Forced to live with her enemy! Hollie Finch is horrified when the forbidding Earl of Everingham, Lord Charles Stirling, places her under house arrest in his manor. Well, he may suspect her of sedition, but to her it’s just freedom of the press — and she’s determined to carry on her work right under his arrogant nose! Yet that turns out to be unexpectedly difficult, with his all-too-disturbing presence disrupting her days… and memories of his passion-dark eyes troubling her nights.

An Impossible Love

Lord Charles Stirling merely planned to keep a close eye on the lovely rabble-rouser — and he’s appalled when her intoxicating scent and lithe curves make him burn to have her in his bed. Even worse, her generous heart and joyous laughter start him thinking about keeping her with him forever. But the powerful earl has a secret that could destroy him, so he dares not let Hollie into his life. Can the pride and deception separating them ever be overcome… by the miracle of love?


Storyteller extraordinaire Linda Needham gifts readers with a tale to savor. 4.5 Stars (“Excellent”) The Romantic Times

Tender and poignant, My Wicked Earl is a relationship drama that tugs on the heartstrings and makes a reader sigh wistfully… C. L. Jeffries, Romantic Fiction/Heartstrings

Best Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense Nominee –– Romantic Times Magazine

AMAZON — Most Enjoyable!
. . . I couldn’t put it down. . . The sexual tension between them was so well depicted and when they finally made love, WOW! Ms. Needham writes for a mature reader (not a teenager), and I thank her for that. . . . This is the 4th book I have read of hers and I give them all 5 stars. I love the sensuality in her stories. I am a college graduate, career woman, and in my late fifties. You can trust me when I recommend an author. Needham is excellent! — AMAZON  Customer

A Middle Class Lass Clashes With An Aristocratic Earl
. . . a regency historical featuring a unique heroine. Unlike most women of her time, Holly is educated and clever, and has a forceful personality. — Carol Carter, Reviewer – As written for Romance Reviews Today