The king has decreed that his loyal servant, Lord Alex De Monteneau, will rule the Lady Talia’s lands and determine whom the fiery maiden will wed. The groom he chooses, however, will certainly not be himself, for the noble knight desires a far richer castle and a docile wife — not this infuriating, iron-willed beauty who resists his authority at every turn. Yet the woman’s charm, strength and smoldering sensuality are rapidly becoming a serious distraction….



In the past, Lady Talia has managed to save her humble ancestral castle from the ravages of war, and her virtue from the numerous self-proclaimed “husbands.” But the unnervingly attractive warrior who has “rescued” her from yet another unwanted wedding seems the most dangerous of the lot. No man will ever decide her future! But how can Talia hope to safeguard the people in her care and retain her cherished independence when she secretly, passionately longs for Alex to share her bed?


There’s no denying that this breezy romance is full of charm, verve and lovable characters. PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

Ms. Needham’s characters are gusty and likeable — and the romantic elements of said plot are so stirring, they’re sheer wonderment and witchery to read! Heartstrings

THE BRIDE BED is a very good read with a wonderful hero and heroine. This book gave me a happy feeling of satisfaction, and I’m looking forward to Ms. Needham’s next release. The Best Reviews-

Ms. Needham has a knack for drawing her readers from page 1, and not letting go even when the story ends – the readers are so captivated by the characters that they are not ready to leave them. Quick paced, and an easy read, this is the perfect book you want to just sit back and let the pages fly! Reader To Reader/New and Used Books

AMAZON — Fast-paced medieval novel
The Bride Bed is another page-turner from Linda Needham with simple plotting and lovely characters. With a clever heroine and a dark handsome warrior, this book provides much fun and excitement for readers who love medieval romance. Absolutely a good read! — Rose Chastain, A Romance Review