Book 5 of the Multi-Author Paranormal

Nimway Hall Series

“I loved Josie and I loved the Colonel and I loved the plot and I loved her father and honestly I just loved this book—”

Iza Soares, Goodreads, 5-stars

A Wartime Rival

World War II has come to Nimway Hall, and with it an endless series of wartime challenges that its lady and guardian, Josie Stirling, must overcome. As passionate and courageous as each of the guardians who have come before her, Josie is fiercely determined to defend her family’s ancient and beloved estate from all possible threats. But with the recent evacuation of Dunkirk and the bombs of the Blitz raining random terror all across Britain, even the once-pastoral manor farm of Nimway have become as dangerous as any battlefield.

Adding to her problems, the military has requisitioned an entire wing of Nimway Hall, and sent the most infuriating officer in the entire army to command the unit and impose his orders on the finely-tuned workings of the estate. A man as arrogant as he is handsome. Not that Josie has time in her life to notice!

A Lifetime Love

The very last post Lt. Colonel Gideon Fletchard ever wanted was to be holed up in the wilds of Somerset, in an old manor house, far from the front line. But he was seriously injured on a secret mission early in the war and has recovered just enough to command of a team of Royal Engineers, commissioned to build operational bases for Churchill’s new Secret Army. Once a highly respected intelligence officer, Gideon resents his demotion to the “Home Front” and has little respect for the so-called civilian army he’s been assigned to recruit and train. War is waged by soldiers in the field, not by farmers and factory workers.

A sentiment the contentious lady of Nimway Hall disputes at every turn. She seems to believe that her work for the war effort is as critical as his. Though the woman’s opinions are seriously wrong-headed, she is as beautiful as she is devoted to her people and he can’t help admiring the firm and resourceful way she manages the estate. Can’t help noticing her fiercely green eyes and the sun-blush of her cheek. Not that he should be noticing such distractions. Not now. Not with a war to win and contact to make with a secret agent named Arcturus.

As the war between the sexes heats up, so does the ancient magic of romance. Josie and Gideon may not be looking for love, but at Nimway Hall they’ll soon discover that love has come looking for them.



HEROES ON THE HOME FRONT “…I loved the wartime setting of this Nimway saga. Ms. Needham’s protagonists are believable characters with strengths and follies common to all of us. It was certainly fun to see the ancient wonder of Nimue juxtaposed against World War II. I found Josie and Gideon very worthy additions to the Legend.” Lise Smith, Amazon Reader, 5-stars

“Josie and Gideon both had a lot of depth and were very well matched. It was also great to see that Nimway was still thriving almost 200 years later; modernized but didn’t lose any of its charm!” Rowena Klein, Goodreads, 5-stars