The Gentleman Rogues — Book 1

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Jared Westbrooke, the dashing and roguish earl of Hawkesly, is finally coming home to claim the exquisite stranger he married and then abandoned to her own devices two years before. He soon learns that the beautiful and willful Lady Kathryn not only doesn’t recognize him, but isn’t the kind of bride to sit and quietly knit while her careless groom was sailing the Seven Seas in the secret service of Her Majesty.


Kate is outraged at her husband’s sudden return from God knows where; she’s done very well without him, running his rural estate and dealing with his business affairs. No matter that the man is to-die-for handsome, she stubbornly refuses to allow him to just step back into her life as though he’d never been gone, especially when it comes to their marital bed; a boundary that starts to fade as she begins to fall madly for the man and his charming seduction. Worst of all, her husband’s highly placed position with the government will surely prejudice him against her charitable, but illegal activities in the aid of victims of the Irish potato famine. But Jared has fallen hard for Kate, and when he finally learns her dangerous secrets, he must choose between his bewitching wife’s wild and willful politics and his own secret world of foreign intrigue, risking not only their hearts, but their very lives.


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