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Behold, Romance Lovers —


A love invest­ed with mys­tery and mag­ic sends rip­ples through the ages.


Long ago in a cave obscured by the mists of time, Nimue, a pow­er­ful sor­cer­ess and Merlin’s beloved, took the ener­gy of their pas­sion and wove it into a potent love spell. Intending the spell to hon­or their love and enshrine it in immor­tal­i­ty, she merged the spell into the large moon­stone in the head­piece of Merlin’s staff. Thus, when Merlin was far from her, he still car­ried the aura of their love with him and, so they both believed, the moon­stone would act as a cat­a­lyst for true love, incit­ing and encour­ag­ing love to blos­som in the hearts of those fre­quent­ly in the pres­ence of the stone.

Sadly, nei­ther Merlin nor Nimue, despite all their pow­er, fore­saw the heart of Lancelot. A minor adept, he sensed both the pres­ence of the spell in the moon­stone and also the spell’s immense pow­er. Driven by his own desires, Lancelot stole the head­piece and used the moonstone’s pow­er to sway Guinevere to his side.

Furious that the spell craft­ed from the pure love of his and his beloved’s hearts had been mis­used, Merlin smote Lancelot and seized back the head­piece. To pro­tect it forever­more, Merlin laid upon the stone a web of con­trol that restrict­ed its pow­er. Henceforth, it could act only in response to a gen­uine need for true love, and only when that need impact­ed one of his and Nimue’s blood, no mat­ter how dis­tant.

Ultimately, Merlin sent the head­piece back to Nimue for safe keep­ing. As the Lady of the Lake, at that time, she lived in a cot­tage on an island sur­round­ed by swift­ly flow­ing streams, and it was in her pow­er to see and watch over their now-dis­persed off­spring.

Time passed, and even those of near-immor­tal­i­ty fad­ed and van­ished. The land about Nimue’s cot­tage drained, and the region even­tu­al­ly became known as Somerset. Generations came and went, but craft­ed of spelled gold, the head­piece endured and con­tin­ued to hold and pro­tect the time­less moon­stone imbued with Nimue’s and Merlin’s spells…

Over time, a house, craft­ed of sound local stone and tim­bers from the sur­round­ing Balesboro Wood, was built on the site of Nimue’s cot­tage. The house became known as Nimway Hall. From the first, the house remained in the hands and in the care of a female descen­dant of Nimue, on whom devolved the respon­si­bil­i­ties of guardian of Nimway Hall.

As decades and then cen­turies passed, the tra­di­tion was estab­lished that in each gen­er­a­tion, the title of and respon­si­bil­i­ty for the house and asso­ci­at­ed estate passed to the eldest liv­ing and will­ing daugh­ter of the pre­vi­ous female hold­er of the prop­er­ty, giv­ing rise to the line of the Guardians of Nimway Hall.



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Nimue — Merlin
Through the mists of time…

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1794: Charlotte
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